November 26, 2022


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When do you stop painting outside?

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At Monk’s, we choose each precaution to make sure a prosperous venture. When it comes to exterior portray, we pay exclusive awareness to the weather conditions. Temperature doesn’t often cooperate and every single yr the seasons are various. The most frequent inquiries we have about exterior painting and the weather conditions are under.

“When do you prevent portray exterior?”

“How late in the period can you paint?

“When is it also chilly to paint exterior?”

There is not a distinct working day on the calendar when we cease portray outside.  Once it starts off freezing right away on a common foundation, we end painting exteriors.  This is usually all-around Halloween, but we have stopped portray as early as Oct 15th and 1 year we nearly painted right up until Xmas.  If we see that a night is heading to be also chilly, we handle that day as a rain working day and do not paint.

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We use Duration Paint from Sherwin-Williams and Aura Paint from Benjamin-Moore.

Paint Specifics from the Sherwin-Williams Web page

” If you want to paint outside with latex paint when temperatures are shifting up and down like a yo-yo, I advise you use 1 of the latex like Period, Resilience, or SuperPaint. These items can be applied and will treatment at lower temperatures, as minimal as 35° F. Regular latex-centered paints require temperatures previously mentioned 60° F to heal effectively. Warmer temperatures are wanted to allow the latex particles to coalesce, or melt collectively. That is why the spring and slide can be difficult moments to paint exterior. A prevalent miscalculation is to paint when the daytime superior temperature receives previously mentioned 60° F and the nighttime temperatures get considerably cooler simply because dew forms on almost almost everything as soon as the sunshine goes down. Even though the temperature was Alright at the time of application, the paint can end coalescing. This permits moisture to get into the uncured paint movie enabling certain components to come to the surface area when the humidity evaporates, triggering area staining and feasible adhesion troubles.”

Paint Details from the Benjamin-Moore Website

Pertaining to Aura Exterior Paint – “This substantial solids system is ideal for a assortment of exterior surfaces and can be applied as lower as 4.4 °C (40 °F).”

At this time of the yr you continue to have time to agenda an exterior painting estimate and get on our schedule.  We are a whole-company residence improvement organization and in addition to handling painting your outdoors, we can take care of:

Can I get on your Spring exterior painting schedule?

Absolutely! If it gets as well late in the season, we are delighted to put you on our listing for the spring. We will plan an painting estimate now, in the Slide, so that you will know how a great deal it will charge.  To promise your location on our spring routine, we question for a $100 greenback deposit. We by no means seriously know when our exterior time will get started right up until we see what the weather conditions is like. Once it gets around freezing on a regular foundation, we are back outside the house portray exteriors once more. This is typically all over late March to early April.

If you are setting up on painting the exterior of your house, we would like the possibility to examine your painting task with you.