January 30, 2023


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What Are the Benefits of Brick Siding?

When setting up a household, siding is a single of the most critical considerations. Not only is it one of the first strains of protection towards the outdoors aspects, but it is also a big structure and design function of your residence. There are plenty of  siding supplies to select from that array from reduced spending budget to quality, with diverse looks, longevity, servicing levels and extra. In this posting, we will be particularly searching at brick siding and its advantages

What is Siding?

Siding is any content that addresses, shields or clads the exterior walls of a residence or residential building.

What is Siding Built from?

Siding is produced from a wide variety of elements, with some of the most typical becoming vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, wood and brick.

What Does Siding Do?

Siding has two main features:

  1. It plays a very important function in preserving your property from the aspects, as effectively as the stability of your residence. Siding shields your house from inclement temperature this sort of as rain, snow and wind, whilst also serving to to preserve your house correctly insulated.
  2. The next functionality and intent of siding is to give your household good control appeal, which is quite important if you strategy on advertising your household in the long term.

The Added benefits of Brick Siding

Eco-Friendly & Vitality Productive

Modern brick residences are some of the most eco-helpful on the market as they are usually designed out of clay and shale, which are two in a natural way occurring and abundant supplies. Bricks are also normally resistant to mould, rot, and mildew as they are exceptional at coping with significant humidity – this is one particular of the factors brick siding homes can previous a century or additional, and can be repurposed in excess of and in excess of.

Brick is also a person of the most electrical power-productive products, which means it allows continue to keep the heat out and amazing air in and vice versa. Brick, for case in point, holds practically double the sum of warmth of wood, producing it an outstanding insulator 12 months spherical.


If you are hunting for the most strong siding, you are unable to go previous brick siding which truly holds its personal in opposition to other common siding alternatives like vinyl and wooden. Brick siding can face up to large influence with cracking or denting, and it is also one particular of the most hearth-resistant resources.

Brick siding is good at withstanding large winds, which is suitable for the Maryland and Virginia house which can generally see some hefty-obligation storms all over the year. It is worthy of remembering, however, brick is a porous content, so it is vital you set the ideal waterproofing behind it or seal or paint the bricks so water does not seep in.

Reduced Upkeep

Thanks to bricks’ longevity, it is also really reduced servicing. It is resistant to factors like termites and ants, and you also do not have to have to paint brick if you do not want to. In simple fact, fashionable brick households can retain their shade for 20 yrs or much more. Nonetheless, a very good force clean just about every so often is proposed. It is also a good idea to look at the exterior of your bricks in case there are any cracks or lacking areas.

Adds Price to Your Property

Whether you prepare on offering or living in your residence for a very long time, brick homes are incredibly important on the marketplace. This is due to the fact brick has a vintage glimpse and truly feel, boosted control attractiveness, is durable and can final hundreds of years. Brick siding properties may perhaps also expense much less to insure.

Brick Siding Professionals and Drawbacks


  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lower routine maintenance

Brick Siding Disadvantages

  • Can be expensive
  • Confined color & fashion possibilities


Is Brick Siding the Appropriate Decision for You?

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