December 1, 2022


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OMA Museum renovation continues

Aug. 20—Renovation on the Oklahoma Navy Academy Museum is scheduled to be competed in time for the once-a-year OMA Alumni reunion Sept. 23.

“This Museum has generally been about the specific respect we have and want to maintain of the 10,000 gentlemen who graced this hill from 1919 to 1971,” OMA Alumni Board of Administrators President Monthly bill Ramsay said.

The recently renovated museum will be open up to the community from 4 to 6 p.m. Sept. 26. The OMA Museum is positioned on the RSU Campus on the second floor of Meyer Hall. Meyer Corridor is the next creating on the still left when moving into the campus.

The renovation incorporates new paint, flooring, lighting, updating the conference place and the generation of two galleries.

Gallery A will have information and facts on the OMA Calvary university, a jeep where folks can enjoy a narrative on the faculty, a mural with a tank and cadets and a kiosk with information on cadets.

Gallery B will have cases showcasing outdated uniforms and information and facts about the OMA band. There will be an area with a Stearman airplane where attendees can sit on the wings of the airplane and view a narrative of the flight method. There will be a mockup of a cadet’s bedroom — like an initial mattress, desk and chest of drawers. Gallery B will also have a place with the outdated radios and tents that the cadets lived in ahead of Myers Corridor was built in 1920.

Wrapped close to the gallery will be a lighted panel with the school’s background.

“It truly is a celebration of the Oklahoma Armed service Academy Alumni and a reflection of their tales, their education and learning, classes figured out and in the end their presents and support to our communities, our establishments, and our nation,” Ramsay claimed.

OMA was Rogers Condition University’s predecessor and operated from 1919-1971. According to OMA Museum, above 10,000 cadets attended the academy, with extra than 2,500 graduates serving in the United States Armed Forces in Environment War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam conflict. Over 100 OMA cadets gave their life for their nation.

Ramsay said they needed the OMA Museum expertise to be immersive for all ages and give attendees an inside of glimpse into what OMA was like again then.

“We hope you will get a emotion and comprehending of all of that as you explore the background, artifacts and accomplishments of these previous OMA cadets,” Ramsay mentioned. “We totally believe that that what we have built in this article will protect and defend their legacy, and offer a window to that legacy for all to see.”

Ramsay reported they accredited the renovation all through the 2021 September board meeting, stock of the artifacts commenced in April and building began in early June.

OMA Director Dr. Danette Boyle explained there have been lots of problems, but the alumni and renovation staff have aided.