December 2, 2022


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Easy Tips to Fix Your Christmas Tree Lights

Did you set up your pre-lit Christmas tree just to obtain out that fifty percent of the bulbs are burnt out? If so, don’t hurry to grab your scissors and lower out those lights. Think it or not, we spoke to two persons this yr that did so!

Instead, observe along as we’ll wander you by way of a couple opportunity challenges your tree may perhaps be functioning into, the applications to support you troubleshoot the issue, and then the options to get your Xmas tree lights back up and operating at 100%!

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How Standard Incadencent Xmas Lights Function

Being familiar with how standard incandescent Christmas lights operate is essential to helping you troubleshoot the probable problem and find a alternative. The wonderful aspect is, it is not rocket science!

To start, electrical energy flows through your light strand in a linear fashion. Electrical energy commences to flow from the outlet plug and then by every unique gentle generating what is known as a circuit. If there is a challenge at any issue in the complete circuit (i.e. a solitary bulb) the complete strand of lights will go out.

Let’s acquire a look at what may possibly be disrupting your circuit.

Christmas Light Bulb Challenges

Photograph of three malfunctioning Christmas light bulbs for a blog post on how to fix broken Christmas tree lights. The first bulb has broken leads. The second has a bent lead. The third bulb has been burnt out.

Lacking Bulb Prongs

If possibly of the wire leads on an particular person bulb are weakened or missing (Bulb #1 in the photo over) the circuit is broken and electrical energy can not stream onto the following mild.

Bent Bulb Prong

Likewise, even a slightly bent prong can split the circuit. Inside each and every bulb socket, there are two connector plates. When a bulb is inserted, the two bulb prongs contact these plates connecting the circuit. Bulb #2 in the image higher than could have challenges as the wire direct is bent out of placement and may not contact the connector plates.

Burnt-out Bulbs

When a bulb burns out the little filament breaks. When this occurs, a element of the lightbulb named the shunt is activated. The shunt guarantees the circuit is not broken and electrical power carries on to flow to the up coming mild. These shunts are to some degree delicate and frequently malfunction causing the circuit to break and the entire strand of lights to go out.

A burnt-out bulb can quickly be recognized by the black ring on the glass all around the filament as shown in bulb #3 in the photo earlier mentioned.

Close-up photograph of a Christmas light bulb that has been removed from its base. We can see the internal components of the bulb including the filament, shunt as well as the leads or prongs.

Malfunctioning Bulb Socket

All over again, there are two connector plates inside of of each and every bulb socket. Also, just about every bulb has two prongs that when inserted into the socket contact these plates and assist carry on the present. If 1 of these plates gets to be unfastened, it will crack the circuit resulting in your strand of lights to go out.

This challenge can be simply recognized if you see the metal plate sticking out of the base of the bulb socket as you see in the photograph beneath.

Close up shot of a Christmas tree light bulb socket that has been broken and the wiring has come loose for a blog post on how to fix broken Christmas tree lights.

An unseated connector plate may not be this evident. In that case, you’ll need to eliminate the bulb and inspect the inside of the socket. Within of a doing the job socket, you will see both connector plates tightly seated to reverse sides of the socket wall like in the image underneath.

Close-up shot of inside of a working Christmas tree light bulb socket.

In a malfunctioning socket, you may well find one particular of these connector plates unseated.

If both of your connector plates (gold part of the eco-friendly wires in picture #1 underneath) have develop into unseated you are going to will need to reseat them. Reseat the plate(s) by pulling them to the base of the socket though at the identical time making use of strain with a pointed machine like an Exacto knife.

Warning! When reseating the connector plates make sure to unplug the electric power to your Xmas tree lights!

Lifeless Fuse

A different doable challenge may possibly be a burnt-out fuse. The fuses are positioned in the plug(s) of your Xmas lights. To test your fuse, commence by unplugging the lights. Next, slide back the fuse include on the plug and pop out the ruined fuse like a battery. Switch with a new fuse and plug your lights back in.

Picture of two 3A 125V fuses in a Christmas Tree light plug for a blog post on how to fix a Christmas Trees lights.

This yr we experienced a TON of burnt-out lights on our Christmas tree. I commenced unplugging bulbs a single by a person and hoping to switch them with a new bulb. It was getting permanently and I assumed “there should be an easier way”, so we searched the world wide web. We arrived throughout a tool referred to as the Mild Keeper Pro and decided to give it a check out.

The Light-weight Keeper Professional is actually a should-have software to resolve your Xmas tree lights and going ahead will be a staple in our Christmas decor arsenal!

Image of the Light Keeper Pro in action as a voltage detector being utilized to find malfunctioning Christmas light bulbs.

Beneath are some of the brilliant features of the Light Keeper Pro.

Failed Bulb Finder

A person of the finest instruments on the Gentle Keeper Professional is the Failed Bulb Finder. It is essentially a voltage detector that can explain to you if a burnt-out bulb is continue to passing electrical power or not.

  1. Commence by generating guaranteed your lights are plugged in.
  2. Hold down the black button on the top of the Gentle Keeper Professional and start out scanning the burnt out bulbs. Start off out with the lights closest to the plug and perform your way by means of the string of lights. You will listen to a continous beeping indicating voltage is being dectected.
  3. Go bulb to blub and when the constant beeping has stopped voltage is no for a longer time currently being detected. Voila! you have discovered the malfuctioning bulb, sockets or wires.

95% of the time you can insert a new bulb and the problem will be mounted.

Bulb Tester

The bulb tester allows you to rapidly exam a gentle bulb to see if it operates. When a bulb is inserted it will glow if it is nonetheless doing the job. This is one of my beloved features as it lets you to swiftly get rid of malfunctioning bulbs and make sure you are only making use of viable substitute bulbs.

Image showing off the Light Keeper Pro being utilized to quickly test a Christmas light bulb.

Fuse Tester

On the major of the Light Keeper Pro, is a 3 Amp 125 Volt fuse tester. Simply touch the two metal ends of the fuse on the two metal places on the leading of the Light Hold Pro and if the fuse performs, a pink gentle will switch on.

Shunt Fix Software

As I talked about over, the shunt of the lightbulb is quite fragile and can normally get weakened. The Light-weight Keeper Pro has an simple-to-use shunt restore resource. Just slide the bulb socket on to the shut mend instrument and pull the bring about 10-30 periods (lights will have to be plugged in). What comes about is the shunt software sends a burst of electrical energy through the damaged shunt aiding to activate the non-performing shunts!

Bulb Popper

Some bulbs are quite difficult to get rid of and you virtually shed your figure nails making an attempt. The Mild Keeper Pro has a minimal metal popper on the close (virtually like a bottle opener) to make it effortless to get rid of expired light bulbs.

Storage Compartment & Replacement Bulbs

You know your turning into just one of your parents like in 1 of these Progressive Coverage commercials when you get excited about storage. When I very first ordered the Light-weight Keeper Pro I did not comprehend there was a storage compartment in the deal with. When I identified it, I was blown absent to obtain there were being 3 sections for storage and also a package deal of alternative bulbs. Discuss about an sudden reward!

The three-portion storage compartment is wonderful as it lets you to retail outlet fuses, bulbs and bases separately!

Image of the Light Keeper Pro's three storage compartments in the handle.

The Crimson-Tipped Bulb

In excess of the several years you might have seen a one pink-tipped bulb that ordinarily will come in a small baggie along with a couple of distinct substitute bulbs and fuses. This bulb is what’s called a “Blinker Bulb”. You can insert this bulb anywhere in your strand and the blinker bulb and all the bulbs that stick to will blink!

Image of two clear Christmas lights, two fuses and a blinker bulb in a plastic bag for a blog post on how to fix burnt out Christmas tree lights.

The way these bulbs work is rather appealing. They have a compact metallic/bendable filament. When the filament warms up it bends breaking the circuit and turning the lights off. As soon as the metallic cools, the steel filament bends again, the circuit is reconnected and the light-weight will come back on. This system carries on on and off causing the circuit to break/unbreak and all subsequential lights to observe suit.

In Conclusion

I have to acknowledge, it feels quite wonderful to be capable to conserve a Christmas tree that you used a couple of hundred bucks on. Also, it is also generally a moreover getting able to advise your significant other that he/she has married a genius.

With any luck ,, you figured out a minor extra about Xmas tree bulbs and have been capable to conserve a pre-lit Xmas tree of your personal.

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