The “fuckin” filler

Real quick. The thing about “fuckin” as a filler is that it comes naturally and is attractive because of

  • the versatility of the word – it could be used negatively or positively or just casually in a way that is actually organic and representative of the way some people (raises hand) fuckin’ speak
  • the actual sound of the word – there is something really powerful about that “fuh” as the “kin” that follows. It’s almost like a kick-snare. The word just sounds good

All that said, I’ve still been working on avoiding it (as well as other fillers like “uh, yeah”).

It’ll still come up, but I think, just like with audio effects or with spitting in double-time, etc. …you want to kind of preserve its impact by not doing it too much. If I’m going through verse after verse and then just suddenly add “fuckin” to a line, it’s going to hit different than if I’m fuckin doing it the whole fuckin time.

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