November 28, 2022


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3 Major Reasons Why Homeowners Sell Their Homes

The last reason for selling houses is that they’ve already decided to relocate to a different city or country for more and better opportunities. Click here to learn more about how to sell your house fast and easily. We make cash offers for homes.

We had the opportunity to sit down with a trusted real estate agent based in California, Meryll Russel, who has been involved in a multitude of real estate transactions as a buyer and sellers agent, where home-owners have relocated out of state from California to other states such as Las Vegas, Colorado or even all the way to the other coast in the Carolina’s. 

This situation usually happens in rural places or provinces where big opportunities such as being enrolled in a big university, having a high-paying job, or starting and growing a business are rare. That is why they sell their house to leave the place that gives less opportunity and has enough money to start over with their new home. Most of the people who sell houses due to relocation often list it lower than the market price, but not low enough for them to recognize losses.

        Home is where a family and unforgettable memories are made. However, it is still important to consider greater things in life such as future success, happiness, and security. Selling a house for the greater good is indeed a preferable choice, but before selling your house, always do some proper research, ask a professional, and create a concrete plan to avoid future problems. Also, assure that the people you are dealing with are trustworthy and professional to avoid scams and other types of fraud. If you’re planning to sell your house as-is in Southern California, Casey Buys Houses can definitely help you. Just reach out.